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No difference in innate immune response between Holsteins and Jerseys when challenged with intramammary Escherichia coli.

There have been some concerns that Holsteins are at greater risk for E. coli mastitis than Jerseys because of their higher milk production. This study compared the acute phase and cytokine response of Holstein and Jersey cows after intramammary challenge with E. coli. Growth of E. coli in infused glands and somatic cell count responses were comparable between the two breeds. Overall inflammatory response (acute phase proteins, lipopolysaccharide binding protein and cytokines) were also similar. Milk production from Jersey glands was depressed longer than from Holstein glands. This controlled study indicates that despite genotypic and phenotypic differences, the innate immune response of Holstein and Jersey cows to E. coli intramammary infection is highly conserved.


Bannerman, D.D. et al. 2008. Comparison of Holstein and Jersey Innate Immune Response to Escherichia coli Intramammary Infection. J. Dairy Sci. 91:2225-2235.