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Using SCC to improve milk quality in dairy herds

Some questions for better understanding of the talk "Using SCC to Improve Milk Quality in Dairy Herds" by Ynte Schukken.

1. In mastitic milk, what changes in cell types would you expect?

 a.Increase in lymphocytes and macrophages
 b.Increase in polymorphonuclear cells
 c. Increase in epithelial cells due to apoptosis from injury to the gland by infection


2. Which quarters are most at risk for an episode of clinical mastitis?

 a. All quarters have the same risk depending on the management of the farm.
 b. Quarters with cell counts greater than 100,000 cells/ml
 c. Quarters with cell counts <21,000 cells/ml.
 d. A and B are correct


3. What parameter is the major driver of bulk milk SCC and SCC dynamics?

 a. Chronically infected cows
 b. New infections
 c. Clinical mastitis cases over time