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06.09.10 Best time to sample for accurate Somatic Cell Counts

It has been recognized that there exists diurnal variation in Somatic Cell Counts (SCC). This study evaluated how sampling time between milkings affects the sensitivity and specificity of somatic cell count as an indicator for...more

23.08.10 Hyperimmunization of lactating dairy cattle is associated with increased immunoglobulin levels and decreases severe clinical mastitis

More than 1000 second lactation or greater lactating dairy cattle were enrolled in a trial to determine the effect of hyperimmunization (HI) on severe clinical mastitis. Cows in the control group were immunized with three doses...more

09.08.10 No difference in innate immune response between Holsteins and Jerseys when challenged with intramammary Escherichia coli.

There have been some concerns that Holsteins are at greater risk for E. coli mastitis than Jerseys because of their higher milk production. This study compared the acute phase and cytokine response of Holstein and Jersey cows...more

26.07.10 Dry cow treatment may have an impact on antimicrobial resistance of fecal Escherichia coli

Eight farms practicing selective dry cow treatment were studied. Fecal and quarter milk samples were taken twice at two week intervals within four weeks of dry off and four weeks post calving from 162 cows (84 receiving DCT and...more


Understanding Heifer Mastitis
First lactation heifers are the future of any dairy herd and many producers assume them to be free of intramammary infections... more